Handmade Soap Workshops

Handmade Soap Workshops

Hand made and crafted bath bombs, love potions, soaps and mini heart shaped melts

Including delicious herbal teas and home made brownies (suitable for everyone, aged 18 years+)

£40.00 per person

Would you like to learn how to make your own Gower-inspired wedding favours at a workshop run by a trained aromatherapist and herbalist?


We would like to invite you to come to a fun workshop and make beautiful Gower natural bath/body products; cup cake soaps, love potions (oils or creams), brightly coloured bath fizz bombs and mini heart shaped melts.


Wear a gorgeous chintzy handmade apron, as you learn the secret of how those delicious bubbles pop and fizz in your bath.  Scent them with essential oils, colour it with your choice of natural pigments and decorate them with rose petals, lavender flowers or glitter.


Match them with your own hand-made soap (made by melting our gentle organic soap based on glycerine and aloe vera rather than caustic soda).  Theme the colours – citrusy lemons and oranges, feminine pinks with roses, soft violet and lavender, deep aquamarine and cornflowers or verdant green speckled with nettle leaves or green tea. And have fun putting them into waxed moulds in the shape of cup cakes. Also enjoy making soap melts, made with cocoa butter, in the shape of hearts.


Enjoy learning about the properties of the essential aromatherapy oils and use them in your home-made and crafted wedding favours.


Each person will take home; one large cup cake bath bomb (RRP £3.70), one medium sized cup cake soap (RRP £3.95), one love potion in a 100ml bottle (RRP £7.95), two mini soap melts (RRP £2.90) and an instruction booklet (£2.50), in a brown paper goodie bag, finished with twists of raffia string and a brown tag. (Worth £21.00!) Ideal present for yourself, your friends or family or the one you love!


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